Porcelain and Ceramic Mosaic Tiles

Our stunning ceramic or porcelain mosaic tiles are a must have. The gorgeous, practical and durable, ceramic mosaic tile assortment we offer will be the perfect addition to both traditional and modern homes. With a huge range of colours and finishes, ceramic mosaic tiles help achieve any look, whether it’s a retro feel or a more updated, professional environment. You won’t have to look for ceramic mosaic tiles Australia wide, but find exactly what you need at Stone and Tile Projects.

Ceramic and porcelain mosaic tiles provide interiors with its own unique personality. Stix Baby Blue Herringbone Porcelain Mosaic is a trendy option when it comes to modern, contemporary and minimalist interior design. These tiles are suited for both commercial and residential spaces as they are  perfect for various areas such as the kitchen, backsplash, bathroom, showers, swimming pools, floors, and walls.The matte and gloss finish create a very unique definition to the finished look and adds a sense of character to the space.

Another tremendously fashionable variety for residential and commercial projects is the Kit Kat Grigio Mosaic or famously known as Finger mosaic. They can be used for floors, walls, splash back, feature wall as well as columns. It has recently become popular among many designers as it offers a luxurious and timeless charm. This mosaic will transform the space giving it a charming elegance while also being extremely practical and durable.

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Here is the link to our porcelain and ceramic mosaic tiles.


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