8 simple ideas for using leftover tiles in DIY projects

It is always advised to buy around 10 - 15% extra tiles for any project. This is to cover possible wastage during delivery or installation. Even if there is no wastage, you might need to cut some tiles to install them on corners. Therefore, every time a tiling project is done you will end up with some leftover tiles.

Usually, these leftover tiles get thrown away, but you don’t have to! You can make use of these tiles to make some cool crafts.

In this article, we want to show you some ideas to make useful and beautiful crafted items with leftover tiles 

1. Coasters and Placements 

two white and blue cups on coasters
photo credit: The Birch Cottage

The easiest way to use any tile, whether porcelain, ceramic or natural stones, is to use them as coasters and placements. 

You probably won’t need to do anything. (Mind blown!) 

To tell you the truth, we sometimes do this at Stone and Tile Projects and I can tell you ceramic tiles make great coasters. 


2. Tiling a Coffee / Dining Table 

A really cool thing you can do with tables is tiling them. Many people simply buy tiles to tile their tables, but if you have some leftover tiles, you can use them on your coffee tables. The amount of tiles you need depends on the table size.

Here is a useful Youtube video on how to tile a coffee table. 

If you have porcelain or ceramic tiles, it’s a fairly simple job. You just need to use adhesive and arrange the tiles however you like. You might have broken pieces. You can arrange the broken pieces on the table according to your taste. Make sure you do it before the adhesive dries out. 

Hands of someone putting on glues on tiles. The table is visible at the back.
Photo credit: IKEA

Once the adhesive is hard and the tiles are solid, you need to apply grout. Make sure all the necessary parts receive enough grout. Once applying the grout is done, use a lightly wet sponge to clean the surface of the tiles. 


3. Planter Base

You can make your own planter base with tiles. You would need unbroken tiles and some wood dowels for this. Cut four wood dowels to the height of the tiles and glue them together to create a structure and wait till the glue is dried. 

a colourful DIY plant base
Photo credit: Jason Donnelly

You can also drill a hole in the bottom of the base for watering. Moroccan pattern tiles are an excellent choice for this idea but any porcelain or ceramic tiles would do. 


4. Centrepiece 

Another plant-related idea is redecorating your plant vase and creating a centrepiece. Glass mosaic tiles are an excellent choice for this idea as you can place all the tiles, including the broken ones on the surface of the vase and it will look great. 

A glass mosaic vase with a cat face design

Photo credit: Worth Point

All you need to do is use adhesive to stick the tiles on the surface. You can use your creativity and design the tiles however you like. Once you have done that, wait for the adhesive to dry properly and then apply some grout carefully. Afterwards, just wipe the grouts with a mildly damp sponge and you will have a beautiful new centrepiece!

You may also a superglue for glass mosaic tiles. 


5. Tile Trays 

This is another super simple idea. If you have a rectangular larger tile you can use them as a tray.

For porcelain and ceramic tiles, you don’t need to do much, just make sure you are using unbroken tiles. Perhaps, you can add some accessories to the tile by using some adhesive. 

Natural stone tiles also make really cool trays. They are heavier but give a nice natural look. Your natural stone tile can be broken. That will make it look more natural and unique. Just make sure non of the edges are sharp to cut your hands. 

a stone mosaic tray with brown handles
Photo credit: Domestic Deadline

You can use one of your tiles and lay the tiles on it to decorate it, or make a DIY wooden tray and lay the tiles on it.

a Moroccan tiles tray with blue tiles and brown handles
Photo credit: Actually Alli


6. Tile Bedroom Headboard

a bedroom with blue tiles at the head board
Photo credit: Lookbox Living

If you are tired of how your bed looks, you can use some of the leftover tiles on your headboard and transform your bedroom. 

Tiling your bed headboard can bring out a nice touch to your bedroom, especially if the tiles have bold and bright colours. 

Pattern porcelain or mosaic tiles are a favourite for this craft. 

Before laying the tiles paint the headboard with a favourable colour (white goes well with most designs). Then apply a thin layer of adhesive with a trowel and lay the tiles on the surface. Use your creativity and apply them however you like it best. 

Lastly, apply the grout to cover up the negative spaces and strengthen the tiles. Take the colour of the grouts into consideration. 


7. Bookcase 

a DIY bookcase with leftover white colour tiles
Photo credit: Away from ordinary

A bookcase is a piece of furniture that can bring a real sense of richness to your place. Except for all the wonderful books you can keep in it, you can also decorate it to look prettier. 

Use some of the leftover tiles on the sides or back of your bookcase and style it to your taste. 

Use adhesive and grout for this one as well. 


8. Tile / Mosaic Mirror 

You can give your normal mirror a makeover by laying some tiles around the frame. Stone mosaic tiles will give your mirror a real style boost, but ceramic or porcelain tiles will look just as amazing. 

DIY mosaic mirror with blue tiles
Photo credit: House Beatiful

Start from a corner and apply the tiles with super glue. If necessary cut the tiles with a tile snib. Make sure you are wearing protective glasses when doing this. 

To top it off you can add a new layer of moulding around the glass mirror.


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