Interior and home design trends in Australia 2023

A new year is approaching and we all know what that means: new trends are on their way! 

Of course, trends take time to evolve and truly become trendy, but here are some concepts that have been used more frequently and designers believe could shape the 2023 trends.

Some of the trends from 2022 will still be living on, but after a few years of stagnation, there are signs of some new and exciting ideas circulating!

Whether you are renovating your bathroom or making some changes to your home design, having a look at some of these ideas could be inspiring. 

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Warmer and Uplifting Colour Tones 

In 2022, we saw a rise in earthly colour palettes such as green or natural brown colours. This trend is likely to become more widespread in 2023. 

Using natural wood or timber (or the alternative of timber-look porcelain) with warmer colour tones might become more popular. 

In recent years, the use of cool and neutral shades of grey and white has been somewhat dominating many modern designs. It seems like warm and vibrant colours are bound to make a comeback into trendy fashion. 

You might have heard this term in designing called “Dopamine Decoration”. What it basically means is using uplifting and colourful colours to make the design ignite happier moods. This has been used to help people with depression and it is most probably going to stick around in 2023. 

This includes using the furniture, features and artwork to make your living space more cheerful. So if you like to play around with colours, this is some source of inspiration for you to start designing. 


Plain White Walls

As warmer colour tones are becoming more common, it’s only natural that plain white walls are being incorporated into designs more often. Plain white walls provide a perfect contrast for the warmer colours to really pop. 

You might have seen a lot of European-style architecture with curves plain white walls that create a really cozy atmosphere. These styles have been getting more attention here in Australia lately.

Using limewash paint for the walls is somewhat popular nowadays as they are considered a more environmental and provide a nice texture to the walls.


Geometric Designs 

Patterns such as checkered and curvy interiors will be growing in 2023. There is just something very wholesome and grand about these designs. 

Geometric patterns have a long history in architecture and are timeless. The beautiful thing about this trend is that you can play around with it and make it suitable for your home. It can be made to seem more modern or traditional, depending on your colour scheme and other factors such as lighting and furniture. 


Embracing Texture

Talking about limewash paints and texture, other materials that give your interior some kind of texture are also possible a 2023 trend. This can be anything from natural timber flooring to pieces of furniture and textiles that add some texture to the design. 

When choosing materials such as tiles or mosaics, some designers prefer choosing textured options. This has long been used for featured walls, but now we are seeing texture being more widely used in the interior design, all around the house.



You will hear more of the big S word in 2023.

As environmentalism and bonding with nature are gaining more popularity, designs and architecture seem to reflect this too.

Green energy use is likely to be more favoured than before, and sustainable architecture is also going to become more widespread globally and in Australia. 

Designers are going to be more aware and considerate of how their design elements could interact with the environment surrounding them as homeowners are now more aware and demand more sustainable homes. 

Think reusable energy, sustainable fabrics and environmentally friendly materials that could be maintained with environmentally friendly substances. 

Also, using natural light as much as possible and really incorporating it as part of the design is another aspect of this trend that we have noticed recently. 


Statement Stone 

One of our favourite materials is making a comeback! (Somewhat)

Natural stones have become a luxury material with the increased production of manufactured porcelain tiles that are cheaper and can make it look like any natural stone. 

a kitchen with white marble used on the counter and splashback. The features use gold and black as complimentary colours.

Interior designers are making use of natural stone in a bolder way by designing what has been called as “statement stone”. 

This is putting up a piece of natural stone on a feature wall, tabletop or anywhere where it is highlighted and makes a statement. 

Marble is highly favoured in this trend for its unique and grand look and the elegance it brings. 


Traditional Styles and Thrifting 

If you haven’t started thrifting, it’s about time. That’s right, we said it. 

For a good decade minimalist and modern designs have been hot and trendy. Many people opt for simple and futuristic designs, but this could be altered in 2023. 

It could take some time for this trend to really take place, but the signs are evident and we might be seeing art decor and traditional furniture coming back into style very soon.

And we are talking about some influence from your grandmother’s house. 

As weird as it may sound, traditional interior design is slowly making its way back into trend. Old school sofas, lamps and classic art decor style with many art pieces and furniture occupying spaces is the sort of vibe that has been making its rounds lately. 


Workspace with Style

In the past few years, many of us have been working from home. Now, there is a growing need for a dedicated workspace at home. 

That’s why in 2023, wellness at home and having a proper workstation is going to be seen a lot. 

The home office is nothing new but remote work seems to become a solid concept for many companies. Therefore, designing a comfortable place to work at home is going to be an essential aspect of designing a cozy and well-designed home. 

We have also noticed a hike in people dedicating space to amenities at homes such as a spa or jacuzzi.

With all that happened during the pandemic, this is nothing to be surprised about. Everyone wants to feel more comfortable without having to leave home.


Laundry Rooms Designs 

If you are an interior designer (or a home design enthusiast) and follow this topic on social media, you have probably noticed many laundry renovations

That’s right. Laundry rooms are no longer a boring backroom in a house. We naturally spend quite a lot of time in the laundry room, and the trend right now is to make your laundry shine! 


Let us know what trends you think could become big in 2023, and what you are excited about in the comments. 

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