Lithofin MN Bathroom Cleaner

Lithofin MN Bathroom Cleaner

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The use of marble as exclusive bathroom-flooring dates back to the ancient world. Today’s modern production process makes this elegant natural stone affordable and popular. Maintenance is simple; however you should regard the following advice to enjoy the beauty of your marble surface for many years to come. This information also relates to all marbles, limestone, travertine and other calcium carbonate stones.

General Advice
Please note that marble and other types of limestone are sensitive to acid-containing substances such as vinegar, lemon juice, acidic bathroom cleaners, etc. Especially shiny, polished surfaces become dull, so please avoid contact between the acidic substances and your marble. Likewise, marble should not be treated with scratching or scouring substances like abrasive powder. Splashes of water, creams, lotions, soap scum, etc. should be wiped off the surface to prevent calcium deposits. Once calcification occurred, soak deposits with Lithofin MN Power-Clean and carefully remove the leftovers with a hard sponge. Using a squeegee after showering is a helpful hint to prevent deposits.

Additional Maintenance Equipment
Generally we recommend treating your bathroom with Lithofin MN Stain-Stop. It prevents penetration of water, oil, and grease as well as discolouration from humidity and stains caused by greasy cosmetics. Every marble surface will be easier to maintain and the new, fresh look will remain for years, when treated with Lithofin MN Stain-Stop. Lithofin MN Stain-Stop is suitable for polished and honed surfaces. The appearance and slip resistance will not be changed; colour may slightly increase. Application is a simple 3-step-process: first: apply product with a brush or lamb’s wool applicator twice, second: let permeate and third: completely remove the excess before it dries. Important: Impregnators can only be used on completely dry surfaces. We recommend testing the product in an inconspicuous area prior use. Repeat the treatment in heavy wear places and high porosity stone once a year. The active ingredients pose no health concerns once dry.

Regular Maintenance
Clean bathroom floors and walls with Lithofin MN Easy-Care to maintain and protect achieving a well maintained surface. Use Lithofin MN Easy-Clean spray to regularly clean tops, vanities and small areas. To remove soap scum, body oil and water residues from shower areas, tiles, grout lines glass, chrome, taps, etc. use Lithofin MN Bathroom Cleaner. For periodic intensive cleaning of tiles and grout lines to remove stubborn dirt residues or for cleaning prior to re-sealing with Lithofin MN Stain-Stop use Lithofin MN Power-Clean diluted with water 1:4. Small polished surfaces like vanities should be occasionally touched up with Lithofin MN Polish Cream. This will result in an additionally protected surface with a nice sheen. Also, dull areas will become less noticeable after time. Avoid non-stone specific, leaching or strong degreasing cleaning products.


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