Lisa 2553-B Salmon Glass Mosaic Pool Tile

Lisa 2553-B Salmon Glass Mosaic Pool Tile

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Lisa 2553-B Salmon Glass Mosaic Pool Tile can be an ideal choice for your pool. Ezzari pool tiles are renowned for their high quality since 1979. The Dot-Mounted or Joint-point Paneling system was introduced by Ezarri in 1992 and it has been approved by many installers around the world. This is a technologically advanced system that has been designed solely by Ezarri and guarantees perfect and uniform mosaic installation. 

Please give us a call or simply send us an email so we can check stock availability and provide you with a competitive price for your quantities.  

Available sizes: 

Chip Size: 25x25 MM   |   Sheet Size: 495 x 312mm

Chip Size: 36x36 MM   |   Sheet Size: 334 x 334mm


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