Australia's home design trends in 2022


As we go through the last months of 2022, let’s look at some home design trends that have emerged or are predicted to become more popular. 

Here, we look at different concepts and ideas for indoor and outdoor designs. 

  • Embracing Nature 
  • nature embraced outdoor area with lots of plants

    More and more people are becoming environmentally aware and like to include environmental-friendly materials in their homes. This interest in nature has caused a trend in natural elements in the design as well. The biophilic design is an example of a movement that tries to incorporate nature more in architecture. 

    There seems to be an interest in natural materials such as marble or natural timbers for homes instead of manufactured products. 

    a corner in a home with some small and medium-size plants. The wall is white

    Many prefer using natural stone in their kitchen or bathroom areas. Some experts point out that using natural materials has health and environmental benefits. 

  • Earthly Colours 
  • Rustic style living room with timber-flooring and a few medium size plants

    Using natural materials or having a biophilic design is expensive and not everyone can afford that. However, as more people are interested in reconnecting with nature, natural and earthly colours such as coarse green and oak brown are becoming more fashionable. 

  • Linear Designs 
  • bathroom with linear lines mosaic tiles, and green and pink colour palette

    Many designs this year have expressed fascination with geometry and symmetrical shapes and structures. Simple designs with linear lines featuring windows are especially trendy for kitchens and bathrooms. 

  • Herringbone Patterns
  • hallway with herringbone timber-look porcelain tiles flooring

    From furniture to tiles and windows, herrigbone patterns are coming back strong. This bold pattern was previously popular in the 80s and it is now being incorporated in many designs globally and in Australia. Using herringbone in your design can bring real character and vigour to your place. 

    kitchen splashback with green subway tiles laid with herringbone pattern

  • Floor-to-ceiling Tiling 
  • bathroom with floor-to-ceiling beige colour porcelain tiles

    Having a wall fully tiled from floor to ceiling will have an instant effect of elegance and class. This is often used in kitchens and bathrooms. We, especially recommend customers who want a very unique and stylish bathroom to tile their bathroom walls floor to ceiling. This simple design idea will make a huge impact and it has been seen in many bathroom and kitchen designs this year. 

  • Feature Walls 
  • a cosy-looking corner with a brown low chair and a green feature wall with decoration items hanging from it.

    A feature wall can have a big impact on how your entire design looks. It is the wall that has a more prominent visual appeal. In other words, a feature wall is a wall that everyone will notice once they enter the room. 

    modern style interior space next to a balcony with a pink wall and two chairs.

    Some of the common ideas for feature walls are having bold or accent colours or using mosaic or pattern tiles. 

  • European Inspired 
  • Mediterranean inspired home façade with creamy white colour curvy architecture
    Photo credit: Three Birds Renovations

    More and more Australians are being inspired by European aesthetics in designing their home. The Mediterranean style of rendered walls as well the use of curves in architecture are rising all over Australia. 

    European inspired traditional style kitchen design with blue patterned tiles on the splashback and a marble countertop
    Photo credit: Wiseman and Gale

    The use of warm colours and white walls is another European trait that is rising in popularity. 

  • Outdoor Furniture 
  • rustic design outdoor design with natural wood used in the design
    Photo credit: Halfway Wholestic

    It is no secret that Australians do love the outdoors. A recent trend in home design is having furniture and stylish exterior designs for lounge areas. 

    Many people are becoming fans of outdoor dining and they like to do it in style. 

  • Pastel Colours 
  • When it comes to colour palettes, there are many different ideas on what is in and trendy. However, we can definitely say that pastel colours have become a thing in 2022. 

    sleek and modern style interior design with bright pink and yellow colour and a fireplace
    Photo credit: Stylist

    Green pastel colours are perhaps among the most popular colours used in tiling and interior designs. 

  • Mixing Styles  
  • In 2022, we have seen many incredible designs that broke the norm of keeping unity in design and mixed various different styles together.  

    mixed style kitchen design with marble slab splashback and stone mosaic flooring, as well as art painted on one ofo the walls
    Photo credit: House Beautiful

    This creates a very diverse style in design. However, it may not be so easy to pull off! 

    If you are feeling adventurous and want to mix and match some designs that you have seen, you are not alone.

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