What are the most pet-friendly floor tiles

Owning a pet can bring much joy into your life, but you need to start making decisions as a pet owner. When moving into a new house or renovating your place, you need to consider the best type of flooring for your pets. 

If you have been a pet owner (which I’m guessing is why you have come to this blog post), you know the troubles pets can cause for your floors. If they have sharp nails, there might be scratching and scuffing. Then their hair falls and you need to clean all of that. Also, sometimes you need to clean up more nasty stuff that we don’t want to mention here! 

Anyway, the bottom line here is that you need tiles that are 

  • Easy to clean 
  • Easy and cheap to maintain 
  • Resistant to scratch 
  • Non-slippery 

There are some good options available for you, and as usual, there are no right or wrong products.

The most popular option for pet owners is porcelain tiles. Porcelain tiles are very durable, hard and water resistant. They come in various looks and sizes. 

Most importantly, they are extremely easy to clean and maintain. You can use abrasive products to clean porcelain tiles and they won’t be easily ruined and scratched by sharp nails.


You can also go for natural stone. However, try to stay away from soft natural stones such as limestone and travertine. These stones are easier to scratch and they require more work to maintain. Limestone pavers and travertine are popular for outdoor tiling and they are durable and natural materials. 

Marble stones are better options for indoor pet-friendly tiling. But you need to make sure that your tiles are sealed for better maintenance. You can use PH-neutral products to clean natural stone products. The pros are that they are natural and pets feel very comfortable with natural materials. 

spacious interior with grey marble flooring and white walls

Another highly recommended material is natural terrazzo tiles. Although they are not as affordable as porcelain tiles, they have all the benefits of porcelain tiles, and they are made of natural materials and have some amazing designs. 

kitchen with black and white terrazzo tiles and brown cupboards


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