Porcelain and ceramics tiles: What are the differences?

Porcelain and ceramic tiles are often used interchangeably. Tile shops usually have a category of “porcelain and ceramic tiles”. But what are the differences? In this article, we want to provide more information on the differences between porcelain and ceramic tiles.

What are the most pet-friendly floor tiles

Owning a pet can bring much joy into your life, but you need to start making decisions as a pet owner. When moving in...

Benefits of using terrazzo tiles

Find out everything you need to know about Terrazzo Tiles and its benefits. These stylish and timeless tiles can make your home look grand and they are extremely easy to maintain. This blog post answers all your questions about Terrazzo Tiles.

Discover more about stone mosaic tiles

At Stone and Tile Projects we have a wide range of natural stone to offer. From Italian Travertine Mosaic, through Green Forest Marble Mosaic, Herringbone Mosaic, Hexagon Mosaic to Diamond and Arabesque Mosaic, those are just some of our stunning examples of stone mosaic tiles that will completely transform your home.

Renovate your home with natural stone tiles

At Stone and Tile Projects we provide an extensive range of indoor natural stone floor tiles for every room in your h...

Porcelain and ceramic mosaic tiles in home design

Porcelain and ceramic tiles are a great choice for adding some richness and elegance to an interior design. They are...

Tundra Grigio Marble: suitable for exterior and interior spaces

Tundra Grigio has been sourced from one the most prestigious Eastern European quarries. Its light grey tones and mini...

Exploring the Elegance of Pietra Grey Marble

Pietra Grey Limestone paints a picture of elegance and class by taking advantage of its dark tone and gracefully deta...
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