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How to clean swimming pool tiles

Cleaning swimming pool tiles is an important task to maintain the overall cleanliness and appearance of your pool.  Pools are in constant contact with water and most pools are located in outdoor areas. Therefore, they require regular maintenance and cleaning. 

How to seal natural stone tiles 

Applying sealant to your natural stone tiles is highly recommended. It doesn’t matter where they are installed, it is recommended that you seal your stone tiles for longevity and better maintenance. 

How to keep bathroom renovation costs down

Renovating a bathroom can quickly become expensive. Prioritising essentials, shopping around for materials, and sticking to a budget can keep costs down. Consider buying refurbished items for character. Plan carefully for a successful and cost-effective bathroom renovation.

How to choose colour palette for home design

Starting a home design project starts with inspiration and imagination. It is a creative process, so you need to get ...

How to manage your home renovation on a budget

Renovating your house can be a costly project. It requires long-term planning and purchasing and installing material...

How to use subway tiles in home design

Subway Tiles are one of the timeless choices of materials for walls. They have been around for more than a century and interior designers have experimented and created eye-catching designs with different types of Subway Tiles.  In this post, we want to give you a complete guide on how to use Subway Tiles in your home design.

How to clean terrazzo floor tiles

Terrazzo tiles are a popular choice for indoor tiling of walls and floors. They are highly durable, resistant and, most importantly, easy to maintain. In this article, we provide some tips on how to clean and maintain terrazzo tiles.

How to clean and maintain natural stone

Natural stone is a wonderful material to have at home. Tiling your interiors with natural stone will make your home f...

How to measure the area for tiling

The first step to ordering tiles is figuring out the quantity of tiles you actually need. And there is only one way ...

How to clean and maintain bathroom tiles

Isn’t it annoying when the lovely tiles you installed in your bathroom start to have ugly stains on them?  In this ar...

How to install mosaic tile on kitchen backsplash

Installing mosaic tiles on your kitchen backsplash on your own is not as difficult as you might think. It is a great ...

How to install tiles outside

Table of Contents How to lay porcelain tiles  How to install natural stone pavers  Different patterns  In this arti...
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