Tundra Grigio Marble: suitable for exterior and interior spaces

Tundra Grigio has been sourced from one the most prestigious Eastern European quarries. Its light grey tones and minimal rusts has attracted many architects and interior designer in the past five years.

This marble, does not impose limits on space and choices. Tundra Grigio and its light grey feature has a lot to contribute to contemporary styles.

The endless patterns of the veins are immersed in the dense and enveloping colours of the material, creating harmonious atmospheres of singular beauty. 

Apart from its elegant appearance that adds to your contemporary design, these tiles are extremely durable and versatile. They have been used as both floor and wall tiles or as a combination of both.

Furthermore, these tiles come in external finishes, mostly in fine sandblasted form. Fine Sandblasted finish which has a high slip rating (P5) makes this marble very suitable for outdoor applications as it has low maintenance and is easy to clean.

tundra grigio texture

Tundra Grigio Texture

tundra grigio feature wall

 Tundra Grigio Feature Wall

tundra grigio outdoor paver

 Tundra Grigio Living room

tundra grigio flooring living room

 Tundra Grigio Livingroom

tundra grigio swimming pool pavers

Tundra Grigio Fine Sandblasted 

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