Benefits of using terrazzo tiles

With the rise in demand for natural materials, Terrazzo Tiles are becoming more and more popular in interior design. 

In this blog post we want to look at some of the benefits of using terrazzo tiles in your projects, and answer some of your frequently asked questions about terrazzo tiles in general. 

a bathroom with terrazzo tiles flooring and purple tiles on a wall

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What are Terrazzo Tiles

Terrazzo Tiles Background 

Benefits of Using Terrazzo Tiles 

Best-selling Terrazzo Tiles 



Natural Terrazzo vs. Porcelain 



What are Terrazzo Tiles 

Terrazzo Tiles are made up of tiny pieces of marble, glass, granite and quartz (and many other building materials) put together with precast or cement. After it is cured and turned into concrete material, the tiles are then polished for final use. 

The result is astonishing Terrazzo Tiles. They vary widely in looks and colour depending on the materials used. You can apply them directly to the floor or walls, or you can buy the ready-made tiles and install them.

Stone and Tile Projects offers a wide range of Terrazzo Tiles, and we are always on the look out to exapand our collections with the latest trends and products in the market. 

a wall with terrazzo tile samples in Stone and Tile Projects showroom

Terrazzo Tiles Background 

We may remember Terrazzo Tiles from a few decades ago in the 80s and 90s when they used to be more popular. However, what’s interesting about Terrazzo Tiles is that they go way back to the 16th century. Terrazzo Tiles were first used in Italy as a way of reusing stone off-cuts and over time they turned out to become a stylish way to make use of unusable stone pieces. 

One of the most famous applications of Terrazzo Tiles that you remember is Hollywood’s Walk of Fame. All of those stars that have the celebrities’ names and signatures on them are made with Terrazzo Tiles. 


Benefits of Using Terrazzo Tiles 

If you are considering buying Terrazzo Tiles for your home décor there are many advantages to it. Here are some of the benefits of using Terrazzo Tiles for your house: 

  • Easy and Affordable Maintenance 

These tiles hardly get any stains. You just need to clean them quickly when something is spilled. (Although an extra layer of coating is recommended to protect against scratches and stains). 

In addition, cleaning Terrazzo Tiles is easy peasy! You can clean your home designed with these tiles in just a splash. The surface is easily cleaned and looks good as the new with simple cleaning materials like cloth. So if you choose Terrazzo you don’t need to spend much time and money on maintenance, unlike some marbles or limestones. 

a bathroom sink area with terrazzo tiles and green tiles.
  • Durability 

It not only brings an amazing look and feels to your home, but it is also very long-lasting. These tiles are among the most durable tiles you can choose from in the market. And that’s because of the materials used. Cement and the other materials used in the production make it one of the strongest tiles. Also, there is no water absorption, giving it even more durability and resistance. 

You can be sure that Terrazzo Tiles will not bother you at all and will continue to look exquisite for a long time. 

  • Abundance in Choice 

Because the production material for Terrazzo Tiles varies, there are an almost infinite number of choices out there. At Stone and Tile Projects we offer a variety of Terrazzo Tiles in different colours and materials that could match your style or place of use.  You can hardly get this wide range of choices when it comes to a type of tile. 

a retail spacious area with red couches and terrazzo tiles flooring and wall tiles.
  • Many Applications 

Terrazzo Tiles offer many choices in colour and style, but they can also be used in various settings and applications. You can use them for flooring, walls, bathrooms, kitchen, around the swimming pool, and anywhere and everywhere. Due to the large number of materials that can be used to produce Terrazzo Tiles, the options on how to use them are vast. Its high resistance, sustainability and durability also make it a unique material that can be easily used in all places.

When it comes to installing them, there are different ways it can be done. They are installed in many patterns such as straight, brick or Versailles. 

  • Environment Friendly 

Another advantage of using Terrazzo Tiles is that it is an eco-friendly material. Small pieces of different kinds of stones and glass are used to make this tile. Therefore, it can be considered as recycled material. 

At a time when consumers are more aware of environmental hazards and are demanding materials that do not harm nature, this is a great advantage for building materials.

a bathroom with grey terrazzo tiles flooring and wall tiles and yellow tiles complementing the design.
  • Amazing Looks 

It is no secret that Terrazzo Tiles are stylish and give an awesome vibe to anywhere you apply them. Whether it is your kitchen, bathroom, poolside, etc. This is achieved by the variety of materials used in them that can bring out any kind of design.

Also, it is worth noting that Terrazzo Tile has made its way back into being In! This means they are no longer a design of the past. With new designs and materials, Terrazzo Tiles are selling like hotcakes today. And many people choose them to make their home décor look elegant and astounding. 

Of course one of the main reasons for Terrazzo Tiles becoming popular again is awareness about sustainable materials. As mentioned above Terrazzo Tiles are considered sustainable and eco-friendly. So, besides bringing great looks to your home, they also conserve the environment. 


Best-Selling Terrazzo Tiles

Here is a quick look at some of our top Terrazzo Tiles at the moment. There are lots of designs available. You can take a look here to see our whole collection of Terrazzo Tiles and other products

Now let’s go through some of the top-selling Terrazzo Tiles. 



Colourful terrazzo tile with grey background

Darlinghurst  Terrazzo has been designed by a young Australian designer, exclusive for Stone and Tile Projects. We have spent a couple of years collaborating with many Australian Architects and Interior Designers to find the right background colour and types of chips which can craft a grand space, exclusive for your residential and commercial projects.


white and grey terrazzo tile

Fine Grain White Terrazzo is an indent item and we would need 6 to 8 weeks to process your order. Fine Grain White Terrazzo is suitable for living room, dining, bathroom, and outdoor spaces. White Terrazzo has extremely low water absorption. Most remarkably, White Terrazzo does not contain silica, crystalline or any toxic materials.


white and pale grey terrazzo tile

Coarse Grain White Terrazzo is an indent item and we would need 6 to 8 weeks to process your order. Coarse Grain White Terrazzo is suitable for living room, dining, bathroom, and outdoor spaces. Moreover, White Terrazzo has extremely low water absorption. Most remarkably, White Terrazzo does not contain silica, crystalline or any toxic materials.



This fantastic pink coloured Terrazzo is manufactured and designed in Italy. It is a great choice for outdoor and also living rooms and kitchen. It comes with different finishes, and like all Terrazzo Tiles is environment-friendly. 


white and dark grey terrazzo tile

These tiles have a green and grey colour. When applied it gives a very classy and soothing look to your design. You can also use it for the poolside and garden and it will look awesome. This is also a part of Italian manufactured products that Stone and Tiles Projects provides. 



green and grey terrazzo tile


Forest Green Coarse Grain Terrazzo STP 38 has been carefully designed at Stone and Tile Projects. This unique natural terrazzo is suitable for both floor and wall applications. Forest Green Coarse Grain Terrazzo has become popular among many designers as it offers a luxurious and timeless charm. This terrazzo will transform the space giving it a charming elegance and soothing ambience



There are various sizes and styles of Terrazzo Tiles. In some places, they are even applied directly to the floor or the walls. However, typically they come in 400 x 400 mm and 600 x 600 mm sizes.



As mentioned above Terrazzo Tiles are extremely durable and strong materials. Sealing is often used for Terrazzo Tiles to increase its durability against any scratches and stains. It is a good idea to have a sealing in areas like hallways and living rooms where it is used and stepped on more often. 

Also, make sure you remove any stain on Terrazzo Tiles as quickly as you can. You can do that with simple cleaning products and a cloth (most of the time just a cloth will right after spillage). It is not a good idea to leave any stain uncleaned on the tiles for a long time as it might be more difficult to remove. 

Generally, Terrazzo Tiles are much easier to maintain than other materials such as natural stone, but make sure you keep these tips in mind. 


Natural Terrazzo vs. Porcelain 

When choosing Terrazzo Tiles you must be aware of something: the difference between natural (or real) Terrazzo Tiles and porcelain (or look-alike) Terrazzo. 

At Stone and Tiles Projects we provide both of them. However, there are major differences. In real Terrazzo Tiles, actual chips and pieces of natural materials such as marble, onyx, granite and glass are used to decorate it. However, porcelain Terrazzo Tiles is just made of porcelain and only the pattern of Terrazzo Tile is used in designing it. 

You can easily distinguish these two from each other. Natural Terrazzo Tiles are thicker than porcelain tiles. And the quality of the design and the look of it is noticeable. 

 a top view of a retail store with grey and green terrazzo tiles


Terrazzo Tiles generally have reasonable pricing. They vary depending on the materials and quantity that you want to purchase. If you are interested in using Terrazzo Tiles for your home design or you have a project that you want to use these tiles in, contact us by calling (+61)02 8712 8494 or drop us an email at We will provide you with quotations and other necessary information. 

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